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Asbestos analysis in materials

- Preparation and homogenization of samples according to HSG 248.
- Search for asbestos in materials by polarized light microscopy or scanning electron microscopy.
- Sending of the results by e-mail under 36h following the reception of the samples.
- Archiving of samples for 2 years.

60 CHF

Asbestos analysis in the air

- Plasma calcination of the sample.
- Counting of asbestos fibers according to VDI 3492 by scanning electron microscopy.
- Sending results by e-mail within hours of receipt of samples.
- Archiving of samples for 2 years.

240 CHF

PCB analysis

- Extraction and analysis of 6 indicator PCBs by GC-ECD or GC-MS.
- Evaluation of the conversion factor.
- Calculation of the total concentration.
- Sending results by e-mail within 5 days receiving samples.

150 CHF
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