Swiss Accreditation Service SAS

The SAS evaluates and accredits laboratories according to international standards. The SAS is attached to the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). However, it makes accreditation decisions independently and independently - in accordance with the current national and international requirements. Accreditation formally recognizes the competence of a laboratory to perform conformity assessments according to specific requirements.
Extract from SAS.

SGS LabTox has been regularly audited by the SAS since 2009 to ensure the continuance of qualitative excellence.

Interlaboratory Testing

An interlaboratory comparison (inter-laboratory tests) consists of performing analyzes on samples similar and to compare the results with the reference values ​​established by the organizer of the trial. These samples are sent to all participants by the organizer.

The participation in interlaboratory tests allows to situate the performances of each laboratory compared to those of the participants. It is an effective way to evaluate the quality of their results and their competence in their fields of activity.

SGS LabTox participates every year in inter-laboratory tests to reinforce its know-how and the level of confidence in the results.

Swiss Association of Asbestos Consultants ASCA

ASCA is an association of professionals providing consulting services in the field of asbestos. The most important goals ASCA are the definition of quality standards in the missions of locating all the pollutants of the building (asbestos, PCB, lead, PAH, etc.) and the promotion of professional exchanges at the regional and national levels.
Extract from ASCA.

Being an active member of ASCA, in parallel with these analysis activities SGS LabTox develops new methods of analysis, provides hazard awareness seminars of asbestos, and advise on your problems.